I've been working in IT for over a decade for businesses including CitiGroup, The Co-Operative Banking Group, Kellogg's and DWF. Through these roles I have been able to gain experience working on multi million pound projects designing user interfaces, company intranets, client extranets, websites and applications using a variety of programs, platforms and methodologies.

Throughout my career I've worked with people who possess a wide variety of understanding technology, from other IT professionals to people who can just about switch a computer on. If there's one thing this has taught me, it's that websites must be intuitive, with the user experience carefully considered and thoroughly tested from a user's point of view.

The internet provides a level playing field for businesses, allowing small businesses to compete with huge corporations, though many businesses aren't aware of the don't take advantage of this. Many people rush into building a website without properly researching their options or planning the design with the user in mind. Others simply want their website built for the lowest possible expense and in the shortest possible time, but this will not result in an effective, intuitive site.

My success depends on the success of my clients, so it is in my interests to work with you to develop the best possible website for your business and customers, and this is why I spend most of my days, evenings and weekends researching, developing and testing the latest technologies and trends, making them available to all.

My web design process