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Mark Van Spall
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HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript / jQuery

According to the media, the new batch of first time voters are further removed from politics than ever before and it is anticipated that the 2015 UK General Election could have the lowest turnout in history. This site was designed to provide basic election information for first time voters & those looking to find key information quickly without any bias or agenda.

It also provided an ideal opportunity to showcase some frameworks, libraries & techniques I have been working on recently. The site features CSS3 animations and transitions, styled RSS feeds, Twitter feeds and lists, and a CSS3 timeline.

The site uses bold colours, large typography and a modern, responsive design to cater for the target audience and the way they tend to use the internet. In other words, it's not your traditional, boring looking election site, and so far feedback has been hugely positive.

What some site visitors said...

"Just wanted to say well done on the website. It's good to actually find out some information about politics and the election without dozing off!!!"

Gerry Baboona

"Great site, and I can't stop going back onto the homepage just to play about with the size of the boxes."

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